Chapter 3

Chapter 3

HugoThere are days when I feel like I have made the wrong  decisions when it comes to love. Seeing the way Lisa reacted when , all I wanted was to have a moment alone without the whole world looking at us was a clear indication that I am a foolish man who needs to rethink his decisions.As soon as I arrived at the hotel I ended up in the gym running and training .

  I thought about a lot of things about; how much I missed Chloe and how our lives would have been if I had stuck it out with her and admitted my wrong doings. The fact was that I cheated on her with Lisa and left her for Lisa . Chloe was the love of my life and part of me still feels like  crap for leaving her the way I did . I could have already had kids with her and a stable family and work life. I miss how she would always smile at me when I was deep in thoughts and tell me ; everything will be alright ,I just need to believe that I am the best at what I do and try my very best .

I was half way home ; to my hometown when I thought of a lot of things , and that included  the number of people I hurt. Including my parents, and the very people who believed in me and had faith in my in my talent.  

The only place I ended up at was a church in a town  that seemed peaceful an hour away from  the stadium and hotel I was supposed to check into tomorrow morning with the team. 

Alexander  Steel;  one of my teammates lived  in that town and he  was content about a lot of things. He was also the strong silent type who showed up , did their work and went home . He wasn't the party animal type  , and he kept to himself  most of the time.  

A lot of the guys in the team kept their distance from him because he was different in a good way. He only spoke when he was spoken to and if you needed to talk to him you had to have a reason for the conversation .

He had a few friends outside of the main team structure but it was only people he had known for a while . I happened to be friends with him for the past five years and he had always kept his private life private and lately he looked like he was in love but he wouldn't tell anyone her name .

I had sent him a text message telling him I was on my way to his place which was in a complex  full of beautiful houses . On my way there I stopped by a Bakery restaurant and picked up some healthy cupcakes . 

The shop was about to close but the lady  who was about to lock  up and head home ; opened the shop again and allowed me to buy what I needed. When she wasn't looking; I scanned her store's QR code and thanked her for the wonderful service. She was kind enough to give me a free large hot chocolate that tasted like it had hints of cinnamon and ginger.  

I won't lie the lady was beautiful and kind. She looked a bit tired and sad , but she hid it well.  Her hair was tied up in a coiled bun and she had on ; A  black jogger set with a hoody top and white sneaker boots that had a thick sole. She was actually deeased for her body type because she was wearing a silver grey wind breaker .

  She was also intuitive in a way because  when I arrived at Alex's house with the muffins. She had  put in a slice of chocolate ganache cake and a  lemon cream cheese vanilla sponge cake. When Alex asked me; how I managed to get the muffins and cake at an ungodly hour, I  told him that the owner was closing but she reopened the shop just for me . 

I even went as far as telling him that if I wasn't in a fake relationship that ,I'm treating as a real relationship and not fake,  I would ask Erica out. Alex  shifted the conversation to the real reason I was out driving instead of resting the day before the Derby. I was luckily placed in the same room as   Alex . 

He was my roommate and I was thankful . I told Alex what was happening and before the end of the evening , my phone was flooded with congratulatory messages.  I knew I wasn't married but even my mother called me and asked; me why did I ask Lisa Rose to marry me , when I knew very well that she didn't like her?  I've stood up for Lisa countless times and  of all the times I've stood up for her , I just couldn't do it. I was defeated. I was now starting to think that my family and friends were right , and I started questioning my own questions.   On our way to the hotel  Alex stopped at the florist, and passsd by the same Bakery with a bunch of yellow roses that he had bought . He was quite. I just couldn't stop thinking of  Erica . 

The person who opened for Alex to go in, didn't look like the lady who helped me yesterday. She looked star struck and gave Alex a hug. Maybe she was his girl. I didn't see Erica and just as I was about to get out the car , my phone went off and it was my wife to be .

" Lisa what the hell ? " 

"Aww baby you know I love you right?"

"When it suits you . You said; no to me and now you want attention and you're telling the whole world we are getting married."

"Yes and I spoke to a friend who recommended RX Bakery for making our wedding cake and I've called everyone who is an expert on  organising weddings. "

My heart and head was spinning and I was feeling dizzy. I wasn't in love with Lisa anymore and I needed to fix the mess I made with regards to my friends and family and to come think of it my old friends had stopped talking to me .  

"Can we talk about this when I get home?" 

" Okay and did you leave tickets for me?" 

Alex came back into the car and started driving . 

" Yes  . " 

" Can't wait to see you show the team what you're made of . I'm crossing fingers that you get the captaincy and then you can ask me ,to marry  you again and  this time we do it in front of everyone ." 

" Why does this always have to end up with all the attention being on you ? "

" Aww Black . I am going to marry you ; so get used to the fact that I have you and you do want kids don't you? "

"I do. " 

I was being honest .

" So let's get the ball rolling shall we ? "

"Okay . " 

"Love you hun hun bye ." 

She hung up and Alex laughed at me . "Really Hugo Black ."

"What ? "

"Hun Hun? "

"Says you who is keeping a hot waitress under wraps." 

"The girl you saw me hugging was the assistant to the woman I really like ."

" Who ? "

" You'll see her this evening. You are getting married so you won't beable to steal her  ." 

"As long as it's not my Erica. " 

" The Erica I saw last night  had dark brown eyes and she had a coiled bun. "

"The Erica I almost kissed changed her hair to a sleek ponytail . I loved her hair natural but either way she's a beauty .  She lost her best friend and her brother in one day and little Michael was taken to his grandparents ... " 

I flashed back to the night Chloe and I were coming up with baby names if we had kids .

  "Chloe and I wanted to name our first child either Michael or Michelle. "

" You ended up with the woman you cheated on her with . "

" Who was Erica's brother to you?"

"A good friend that had set me up with a lovely girl that now knows I want to get serious with her ."

"Someone is in love ." 

Atleast I'm not being  tricked into marrying a woman who loves me for my status. "

" I really need to end  the relationship."

" Good luck bro..."

We were  waiting at a four way stop and   the robot had turned green for us, we were a couple of  blocks away from the  hotel when a huge truck came out if nowhere and  hit us . The last thing I remember was the impact of the truck  hitting my side of the car , and an air bag blowing up ... 

We both had our seat belts on but something sharp went through my leg and my head was hit so hard that I blacked out . The last  person I thought of was Chloe. I never really got over her she was the love of my life . 


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