Chapter 5

Chapter 5 

Five days later


There are moments when your life flashes before your eyes and it's sad to say; usually when tragedy is about to strike , or has happened that's when some of us start to count our blessings.

I can hear the machine beeping , and that's an indication that I am alive . I know that all of my medical bills will be taken care of by the club I am sure of that. My whole body is in excruciating pain ; I don't know what time , or day is it. All I know is that I am alive and I pray to God that Alex is alive too and we are sharing a hospital room together.

He's been my one true friend and what happened to us was unfortunate but I really need him to live .I love sharing a lot of stuff with Alex . We have been roommate's when we traveled and we have also been best friends from when I started to join the academy . 

He accepted me for who I was and he was with me the night I broke up with Chloe and I was inconsolable.When I get out of here and if I have any friends left , I am going to find Chloe and Mary her. I know she has a forgiving heart so she will forgive me for how things played out . 

I didn't mean to break her heart, and I now   see why my mother was angry at me for not telling her that I was going to marry ; Lisa who had already told  the whole world that we are getting married and the wedding is soon. She had expensive taste and by that I mean she bought a lot of unnecessary things . Part of me never forgot where I came from and I always send money to my mother. She  still  won't  tell me who my real father is . 

I was wide awake now and a lot of stuff was going through my mind . When I heard footsteps and heels clicking ,I pretended to sleep . I don't know what you call it when you can sense someone's energy but whoever came in the room had a calming energy about them. 

"Matt I managed to get hold of Alex's mother. "

" What did she say . " 

" She got contractual obligations  and she said as soon as Alexander wakes up I should call her . We've been face timing so she trusts that with you Alex will be  in good hands . " 

" Alex is lucky to have you . " 

" I'm lucky to have you as a friend . "

"Hmm I'm blessed. " 

" How's Hugo? " 

" He should be awake today  ." 

" Has Lisa Rose come through at all since the day he was admitted? " 

" No.  She's  also gone quiet on the net about their wedding . " 

" Poor guy. Have you gotten hold of his mother?" 

" Yes . She is on her way . You always have a soft spot for the broken ones . " 

" Maybe that's because I am also broken  but that  doesn't mean I can't help someone else or give them a hand . I just tend to understand certain flames ."

"I wonder what Alex did right , that I did wrong?" 

"Nothing ... My feelings towards you are that of  friendship."

" I know. I understand." 

"Is it okay if I chill with Alexander just for a little bit, because I have to get back to the restaurant for the lunch hour rush? "

" Of course friend.  You look tired." 

" I will be okay. I just need Alex to  wake up so we can talk. I miss him coming over to my house ." 

I heard a phone vibrate and Matt  took a  deep breath . 

"Miss Black just arrived . See you soon." 

"Okay ."

The room went silent but I could still feel Erica's presence . I also heard my mother's voice a couple of seconds later . 

"Doctor Colton where is my son? " "He is okay ma'am ." 

" He is breathing on his own but he hurt his ; knee."

" Will he be able to play again?"

"In good time . " 

"What happened to his face I want to see him properly. " 

" The impact of the crash was so hard that he almost lost his life . It's a miracle they both survived . " 

"I is the club going to pay for everything ? " 

"Unfortunately not . We haven't been able to get hold of your son's girlfriend and as soon as we found you , we were thankful ." 

Oh my word I am in trouble. Every year we sign a contract and there is a clause that states that;  the club can pay for any hospital bills and cover the costs of any injury ,only when it happens on the  field of play . 

I opened my eyes and tried to speak ; 


She couldn't hear me until she came around to hold my hand and kiss my forehead . 

" Oh Hugo what am I going to tell little Michael . "

"He doesn't know does he? "

" No oh my word he is awake ."

"Son are you okay? " 

Matthew started checking my vitals and he gave me a straw to drink my water with . When I tried to adjust my vision I saw that my leg was up in the air. 

"I'm fine Mom just tired . Who is Michael? "  

Matt was done checking my vitals . 

My vision on the left side of my face was blurry. 

" Your son ."

I took a deep breath

" My son?" 

"Yes your son . Before Chloe left this world she gave birth to a baby boy and named him Michael. "

"What do you mean left this world ? " 

"Son Lisa has been blocking my calls to you since you two got together and she  has been antagonistic towards me and the family. " 

"There is no wedding." 

"That's good news." 

" Mom?" 

"Son Chloe died about a year ago in a car accident . Michael made it but she , and her boyfriend Andrew didn't . She was pregnant with their unborn child" 

A tear escaped my eye .

"Wait how come I didn't know and

where is my boy ? " 

" He is staying with me and right now he is with his  step grandfather . "

I was feeling everything to do with joy and sadness at the same time . 

" Mom I'm so sorry . " 

"It's okay my boy . Everything will be alright . " 

The room was still quite until I heard a familiar voice fill the air.

"Miss Black ? " 

"Oh my 

... What are you doing here? "


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