Preparing To Meet My Twin Flame

*One and half year back*

“Why don’t you get into any relationship Ellie?” One of my friends, Christie asked.

“Because I didn’t find my perfect partner.” I told her while shrugging my shoulder.

“How are you sure that you didn’t yet meet him?” Christie asked.

“I keep getting a feeling within me whenever someone approaches with a proposal, that he isn’t the one.” I said while looking into her eyes.

“Oh, come on Ellie! You must be kidding me. Getting into a relationship doesn’t require that person to be perfect in all senses. In order to get to know them you must give them a chance, right?” Christie said.

“But I don’t want to get into any baseless relationships. If my heart doesn’t feel anything for another person, then why should I give them a chance?” I asked Christie while frowning.

“How about going to blind dates? Just for fun.” Christie asked.

“I don’t have any interest in those kinds of useless things. Even if it’s only meant for fun.” I said angrily.

“You’re wasting your youth darling. I’m sure you’ll regret in future.” Christie said while patting on my shoulder.

“I’d be glad if I’ll be single till I meet my destined one.” I said and laughed.

“Hey Ellie!” Belle called out my name.

“Hey Belle. What are you up to? Why are you dressed like a barbie doll?” I asked in confusion looking at her attire.

“She’s going for a date. Come on Ellie. When will you grow up?” Christie asked in mocking tone.

“There’s no need to be rude to her Christie! Ellie doesn’t show interest in these kinds of things. So, you better spare her from your mocking sessions.” Belle said to Christie in a warning tone.

“Okay. Chill girl. I’m leaving. Bye.” Christie said and left in hurry.

“Thank you.” I mouthed to Belle silently for which she smiled and side hugged me.

“You’re welcome babe! Ok, I came to inform you that I’ll be late to Hostel today. And please don’t bombard my mobile with your calls and texts.” Belle said in pleading tone.

“Haha. Fine. But please take care of yourself. And I hope you didn’t forget your pepper spray!” I exclaimed in worry.

“Don’t worry. How can I forget that? Ok. It’s time to leave. Bye dear. Take care and don’t miss me too much.” Saying this Belle left with her supposed date.

I sat there wondering about my life.

Why am I like this?

Why can’t I be like other girls?

Why can’t I play with anyone’s emotions just for fun?

Why do I want to be only with my destined one?

Why can’t I have fun like others?

All these thoughts kept attacking my mind.

This isn’t something that’s bothering me from recent times. But since my childhood. I used to feel like I’m different from others. I started waiting for my destined one, since my childhood while watching Disney princess movies.

I think they are my inspiration and motivation to keep looking for my prince charming.

Suddenly I started feeling some pain in my chest near heart area.

“Oh God! What’s happening to me? Why am I feeling this pain?” I panicked and started rubbing my chest area with my palm.

I drank some water and started inhaling and exhaling long breathe.

After sometime I felt that pain go away.

“I think this pain is due to gastric problem. I should take care of my diet so that this kind of pain never repeats.” I said to myself and stood up to go to my room.

Little did I know, that pain wasn’t due to any gastric problem but it was an indication for an upcoming storm.

*After few days*

*Night Time*

I wasn’t getting sleep. So, I took my iPod and earphones to terrace and sat there. I started hearing my favorite music while staring at the sky full of stars and moon.

Every night in my dreams…I see you…I feel you…

This song is playing currently. This is one of my favorite songs.

Suddenly I felt some weird sensation passing within me.

Again, I started getting pain in my chest area.

This time I’m damn sure, it isn’t gastric problem.

Why? Why is this happening to me?

I started crying due to pain.

Suddenly a thought came across my mind.

I stared at sky and started questioning The Universe.

Is this because of my destined partner?

Is he the reason behind my pain?

Is he in some sort of pain?

Am I feeling his pain?

Does that mean he really exist?

Does that mean there’s someone in this universe whom I can say I belong to whole heartedly? With whom I can unite my body, mind and soul?

All these thoughts kept my mind busy, while my heart started getting heavy with each passing second.

I started questioning The God this time.

Why God? Why isn’t he coming towards me?

Why is he hiding from me?

Why doesn’t he reduce my pain?

Why don’t you unite us?

Why are you keeping us away from each other?

Why are you causing this misery?

Please God, I want to meet him in person.

I want to love him.

Please send him near me.

Please reduce my pain.

I started manifesting my destined partner into my life.

Little did I know that it’s going to cost me heavily in my future.

My pain started subsiding. I felt tired. It felt like all my energy was sucked from me.

I slept on my bed.

*After few months*

"Actually, my brother is visiting home after two years. So, I want to spend more time with him. You know how much I miss him right?" Belle asked me, making me smile.

"Yeah. You love your brother too much. Which is why I shouldn't visit your home!" I said simply while unpacking my luggage.

"But why? What has my brother got to do with you visiting my home?" Belle asked while frowning like a kid.

"It's simple. You want to spend most of your time with him. In that process, you'll have no time left for me. I'll get bored. Then why should I visit your home?" I said simply and shrugged, earning a smack from Belle. I fell on my couch while yelping "ouch!"

"I'll ask for your parents’ permission. You're going to visit my home with me for this Christmas and that's final. Hurray!" Belle started dancing while cheering, making me facepalm myself for her craziness.

Why do I feel like something is going to happen soon?

Belle has a brother whom I’m yet to meet.

Can he be the person I’m waiting for?

Nah., I don’t think so. We belong to different backgrounds.

I shouldn’t think of him. But I don’t know why I’m getting this weird feeling while thinking about this stranger brother of her.

Little did I know that my life’s going to change forever after meeting her brother.

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