My mobile started ringing continuously displaying his name. 

"Now, what does he want?" I thought angrily and received his call. I remained silent while crying silently.

"Hey. Why did you hang up suddenly?" Alex asked, making me frown. Obviously because of your words, you idiot! I thought.

"Nothing." I said in a composed tone.

"Are you crying?" Alex asked in a serious tone, making me gasp in shock. How did he know that I was crying? Oh yeah, maybe due to my weeping voice.

"Yes." I replied confidently. Why should I hide anything from him? Especially, when I decided to put an end to us.

"Did something happen?" Alex asked in a worried tone.

"Yeah." I replied sadly.

"What happened?" Alex asked, making me get nervous.

Should I tell him or not? What if he takes everything the wrong way? 

"Hey. Are you there?" Alex asked, breaking my chain of thoughts.

"Yeah. It's nothing serious. Leave it." I replied while facepalming myself.

"By any chance, am I related to it?" Alex asked in a panicked tone.

Unknowingly, I replied "Yes."

"What?" Alex yelled.

Oh shit! Did I say that out loud? I thought.

"Yes." Alex replied.

"Now, like a good girl, tell me everything that's bothering you." Alex said sternly.

"I don't know. There's nothing to say." I said while staring at the sky blankly.

"Please?" Alex asked desperately.

"Do you know? While texting or talking with you, I start blushing irrespective of my surroundings." I said and waited for his reply. But he remained silent, making me feel anxious. 

After a while he replied with "Really?" Making me roll my eyes. I'm sure he must be smirking right now.

"I don't know why I feel some foreign feelings for you. It has been like this from the moment our eyes met for the first time." I said sincerely. Now whatever happens, I'm ready to face it. Again he remained silent. By each passing second, my anxiety kicked more.

"I have a crush on you." Alex said, making me gasp in surprise. Now, I think it's my time to remain silent.

"Are you there?" Alex asked in a worried tone.

"Yeah." I replied in a calm tone.

"Since the time I laid my eyes on you for the first time." Alex said in a husky tone.

I didn't know what to reply. So I stayed mum.

"Do you like me?" Alex asked desperately.

I didn't reply soon. After a while I replied, "Isn't it obvious?"

"That's a relief!" Alex exclaimed, making me giggle.

"Is that a giggle I hear?" Alex asked in a teasing way.

"Now, tell me why were you crying?" Alex asked. Soon his teasing tone turned into a serious tone.

"I don't know. Hearing you wishing me to find my THE ONE soon, I thought you weren't interested in me. Unknowingly, I started crying." I said in an embarrassed tone.

"I'm not a good person Ellie!" Alex exclaimed. My mind didn't register anything, other than my name coming from his lips. God! My name sounded so sweet and so perfect in his manly voice.

"Come again." I asked desperately to hear his voice calling out my name.

"I'm not" Alex started saying but I interrupted him by saying, "Not that! But the last part!" I asked while desperation is ozzing out from my voice.

"What? Do you mean your name?" Alex asked in confusion.

"Yeah." I said and waited for him to say my name.

"Ellie!" Alex said in a husky voice, sending shivers down my spine.

"Again." I asked in a trance.

"Ellie." Alex said.

"Again." I asked, still in a trance.

"Why don't you record it? You can hear as many times as you want." Alex said in a teasing way, breaking my trance.

"Alex!" I exclaimed while blushing.

"Damn it! How come my name sound this perfect from your voice?" Alex asked in a surprised tone.

"Alex!" I exclaimed huskily.

"Baby! You're turning me on with your sexy voice!" Alex groaned, making me gasp in shock with his choice of words.

"Oh shit! Did I offend you in any way?" Alex asked. Panickness evident in his voice

"No. But I'm surprised with your choice of words." I said.

"Thank god! I got scared for a moment!" Alex gasped in relief, making me smile.

"Get used to it babes. Now that we confessed our feelings, There's no need to pretend anymore!" Alex said in a teasing way.

"What? Pretending? Do you mean you pretended till now?" I asked in a serious tone, making him get anxious.

"No! I just wanted to say that we can talk more freely without any hesitation." Alex said in a panicked tone.

"Does that mean we didn't talk freely all this time?" I asked him, faking anger. Why should only boys have all the fun? I thought.

"Baby! Stop teasing me!" Alex exclaimed. I imagined him pouting while saying this and laughed out loud.

"Now, why is my baby laughing?" Alex asked huskily, making me shiver in some unknown desires.

"No..nothing." I stammered.

Huh! What happened to me? Now why am I stammering? God! I wanna crawl under earth.

"By any chance, is she having some kinky thoughts while teasing me?" Alex asked in his sexy voice, turning my ears red in colour.

"Gosh! Stop it Alex! You're taking these teasings to the next level!" I exclaimed while fanning my face that's currently feeling hot with his comments.

"Your word is an order, your highness!" Alex exclaimed, making me laugh out loud.

"Hey! I have been wanting to ask you this question for a long time. Can I ask?" I asked impatiently.

"Sure babe. You can ask anything. Feel free to ask." Alex assured me.

"If instead of me, it's someone else, like another friend of Belle, who's texting you, would you have responded to her back in the same way you're responding to me, or am I an exception?" I asked desperately.

He remained silent for a while, making me anxious for his reply.

"I don't know." Alex replied simply causing my heart to get a small crack.

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