8| My Queen

Three days later.

Aliyah and her sister Alisha, hurried down the passage like their life depended on it. "Why didn't you wake me up?" Alisha said to her sister, in a voice so low like they were afraid the walls could hear them.

"I did...If you didn't sleep so much, we would be there already." Aliyah slowed down as they arrived at Tequila's door. "Just pray she doesn't report us to the Sheikh for being so late. I'm not going to lose my job because of you." Alisha ignored her sister, rolling her eyes, she reached forward to knock on the door.

Tequila was around awake, and a bit alarmed by the sudden knock as she hadn't been expecting anyone and she didn't think the Sheikh would come to see her so early. She was putting on the Sheikh's shirt, the same one he had dressed her in the night she went to his room, since he never asked for it, she didn't return it. But she wasn't naked underneath the shirt, due to the cold
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