16| Desert Rides

Uthman sat with his mother as he watched Tequila and her son walk down the corridor, she was whispering to the young child and he was giggling at her facial expressions. looking at them warmed his heart, very soon he would be let into their tiny circle. They would be a whole family again without all the obstacles but how would he do that when the woman sees every opportunity with him as an avenue for a fight? he hated to do this with her but she wasn't ready to accept the fact that they would be married soon.

They would start their own little family very soon and Uthman would bet that he wasn't going to miss out on that. Missing three years out of his son's life was something he kept beating himself up for. he should have looked back after that night, he should have replied when the manager told him that the stripper had an emergency. he felt like she was every other woman who after finding out who he truly was, wanted a piece of his wealth. at least he wrote her enough checks and he
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