26 | The outside World

"We still need to get dressed before we leave," Aliyah chipped in. Tequila turned to the maid and raised an eyebrow. It should be obvious that Tequila was not up to the idea of going out with Amir.

"Of course. I will have to freshen up too," Amir said. He was certainly on for the trip.

"Would you not want to finish your painting? We could always go to town another time," Tequila said, she had no intentions of letting Dream and Amir be together in a room though.

"I can always finish up later, the scenery is not going anywhere. And I would like to know more about your sister," Amir said with a knowing smirk on his lips. He was catching up to what was happening. He knew that she did not want him to be close to her sister and he was playing with her. Tequila tried to hold a glare with Amir but gave up and sighed.

"You know what, fine. We can go together, that is cool," Tequila said even if she sounded like it was not in any cool. She turned back and took her sister with her.

"Come on girl
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