Volume 1: Ch.9


It wasn't too long when the waiter arrived with the food they order. The oozing scent of the burger was irresistible. A thunderous borborygmi leaked out as the waiter left. An awkward staring between the two of them. Jill wasn’t used to eat past twelve, but there was the sense of embarrassment that held her.

"Oh? Y-you, you must be hungry with that growl." Said Jill who pointed the actions towards Wayne. The girl couldn’t held an eye contact, deep down she hoped that he wouldn’t notice.

But who on earth would notice a rumbling loud as an earthquake, "Nice try Jill, but you don't have to hide it." Wayne replied. He shook his head and simply laughed. The young man distributed the food.

Jill averted her eyes. There was pure embarrassment in her face. "T-that's not me!" She quickly denied with a stuttering voice. "There's no


I just got back after that hyperacidity attacks. Glad I can write again though I still feel weak. Anyways I did my best to write this chapter today. I didn't double check it though. Usually it takes me two days but I wanted to post it already. I'll edit it though immediately once I saw the error. But guys I have bad eyesight so please forgive me uwu).

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