Chapter 22 - Shane

I sigh and glance at my old phone sitting in the middle of the dining room table just out of my reach. 

The reporter side of me is itching to turn it on again and see if anything else has come through.  However, I know that is a bad idea.  No.  It is a really bad idea. 

I can’t have my little hideout blown because of my own curiosity. 

I turn my attention back to my new phone, as I continue to type in my contacts.  I can’t have anything linking this phone to my old one, even though it would be so much easier if I could download my contacts from my online accounts.   

This is almost like déjà vu from when I had originally left my family and ventured out on my own.  My family still doesn’t understand me, but that’s all right.  I don’t understand how they can’t quite see how snooty they are.  Well, my parents aren’t that bad, except for my moth

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