chapter 10

My brows fully sunk; a frown etched onto my face. What was she sprouting, there was an address clearly scribbled there? That’s why I came to Africa, that’s why I came to this specific place. It was in the picture, I know it.

I grabbed the picture, scanning the scribbles only to realize what I had seen just days ago wasn’t was what I seeing now. I almost choked, my hands shaking.

What the hell! What the fucking hell. How was this possible, there was no way this was happening. I must be going crazy, yes I’m just mad. Wolves don’t actually exist, I’m probably in some psych ward, hallucinating all this bullshit.

“Karly calm down,” Oliva said, now gripping my shoulders. I looked up at her, my panic calming a bit.

“What do you mean a warning?” I whispered, the desperation in my tone unknowingly slipping. Oliva hesitates, as if afraid to tell me what it was.

“It says that your search will yield nothing.”

That sentence knocked the wind out of me, my eyes looking down at the picture now discarded onto my bed, the girls smile feeling like a taunt. I took a deep breath, holding a forehead before laughing.

“Fuck you, you hear me! I said fuck you,” I shouted to whatever this thing was. This thing was clearly messing with me. As if I’m letting some measly words stop me from this search. I’ve already gone to fucking far to back down now. Hell, this just gives me even more reason to continue.

“Olivia, I need your help,” I said, now determined more than ever.


“Oh, if it isn’t the little miss again?”

“Dada, she has a name,” Olivia rolled her eyes before taking me round back into the kitchen with the same baker from that day. He was kneading away at dough before stopping, his face brightening, the same going for Olivia.

He walked up to us, wiping his hands on his apron before kindly greeting me. He was a pretty good-looking guy, young with chocolate skin, a pretty good build and a notable scar lining his jaw down to his neck.

“This is my mate,” Oliva said with pride I could literally see her nose grow. The man laughed, blushing a bit making me slightly jealous. These two have been interacting for less than a minute yet they showed more love between them than any relationship I’ve had in my life. I wanted something like that even if for a split second.

Yes, this was why I was here, that was the point for this journey. To find my destined one.

“His name is James, James, this is Karly.” I gave a bit of a smile as he nodded his head, before turning back to Oliva.

He can’t even take his eyes off of her! If that isn’t cute then nothing is. Ugh, I need to hurry and find this soulmate already. Olivia began speaking in a different language so I naturally zoned out, the smell of pastries making my breakfast lacking belly growl.

I hadn’t even realised that I was being stared at till I checked to see if they’d finished their conversation. They did and were now both eyeing me like I was some kind of mystical being. I mean I technically was but I was a hundred per cent sure that being a wolf wouldn’t be as mystical to them.

“Wait so it’s actually, like really…?” Olivia furiously shook her head before holding my hand in hers.

“I was just as surprised when I saw the picture,” Olivia said, clearly talking to James who let out a gasp.

“She has the picture too?”

Olivia furiously shook her head, genuinely worrying me. Wouldn’t she get a headache from doing that so much?

“Wait, so how much detail does this legend go into?” I asked, Olivia scanning our surroundings before smiling.

“It's best if we go chat somewhere more private.”

After having me some of those inviting goodies, which were fucking delicious, James led us around back and next thing I knew, we were walking down an empty grass area with destroyed fence lines that seemed like quite the hazard.

I walked behind the two love birds constantly flirting about, nudging each other as they walked, giggling with every little touch. Usually, I’m not one to tolerate this kind of bullshit, really, I’m surprised I’m getting by this far but there was just something so pure in watching them.

It made me long for it ten folds over. When would I get my prince charming who would sweep me off my feet, when would I get to feel special towards someone and actually be their first choice? I mean at this point, I didn’t care if he were a prince charming, as long as he genuinely loved me.

I peeked up at the blue skies, the clouds floating by bringing some weird comfort. The fresh earth scent and the rustling of nearby trees only added to the coolness of the surroundings. There was a weird connection I felt to the outside world, and I actually mean the nature side of the outside.

Back home I was always surrounded by buildings, blaring cars with maybe a few patches of grass sticking out of the sidewalk. But being out in nature actually felt amazing.

“We’re here,” Olivia announced, getting me to look back at them. I looked around, our surroundings now consisting of forestry and gravel floors. There was a bird tittering about bringing a sense of home for some reason.

“Actually, we’re almost there. We just need to shift and run the rest.”

I hummed.

And hummed.

And realized I was humming to shit I didn’t even understand. It took a while of brain lag to finally come to the conclusion that I had no fucking idea what Olivia was talking about. Shift? What did she mean shift? Like the keyboard kind of shift cause that’s sure as hell the only one I know. Did she want me to shimmy to the right or something?

The two seemed to have read my confusion, Oliva throwing James a look before stretching out her hand.

“Well, you asked me to teach you more about wolves, right? Well, right now we have to change into our wolf forms.”

I nodded, finally having clarity but it didn’t help much cause another problem arose.

I had no fucking clue ho.

I’d done it twice, both at extremely random times. I wasn’t thinking of changing nor was I doing any shit like that. Just boom. Fur.

Oliva looked up at the sky before tapping her chin.

“Ok so it’s around 11 am, that’s enough time to teach you how to shift right?”

I wish I could answer that question, but I still go balls shit crazy every time I’m a woof, so I'm not sure how long this will take.

Olivia zoned out, now lost in the chamber of her thoughts. James on the other hand stretched, yawning before going on all fours. I was very weirded out by the sight, just like any human would. But oh, did that weirdness turn to just plan shock when he just phased into a wolf, his size comparable to Oliva’s height. Protection Status