Chapter Twenty-Three

Elizabeth went hunting for a human or two somewhere. She was many miles from the camp when she came upon a small village, like four houses. She snatched up a young man and brought him to the camp. The vampires fed on him as much as possible without killing him, so Elizabeth delivered him back to his home and grabbed one other human. Afterwards they were all satisfied. Borislav cooked human food for everyone else and while it cooked and they ate they packed up everything to make it easier to carry it all.

"Eat fast," Kohl ordered impatiently. As long as everything worked out they should be getting to the door of purgatory that day. His impatience was added to by the fact he didn't have any dreams of Camilla that night so he wasn't sure if she was okay after she disappeared because something was after her. With a wave of Borislav's hand over the fire it was out, not even an ember sat underneath the wood.

"Let's go." He said and they began up the trail. "Once we arrive we wi
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