"It would be a good thing if you become fat. After all, you were too thin no matter how I fed you."

Minerva pouted her lips as she glared at her father. What did he mean that she was too thin? To tell the truth, she was chubby that her Uncle Lorenzo wouldn't stop teasing her! He would even occasionally pinch her chubby arms and belly! But in her father's eyes, she was too thin? What would happen to her if she was chubby in her father's eyes?

As she continued to glare unhappily at her father, the latter just laughed at her reaction and kissed her cheek.

"Alright, alright. I won't tease you anymore." He conceded.

However, Minerva didn't believe her father at all. She glared at him suspiciously even if he tried to coax her.

How could she believe him so easily? He was friends with Uncle Lorenzo after all! Both of them knew how to talk smoothly but deep inside? Nevermind.

When her father saw that she looked unconvinced, he just laughed it off and

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