Minerva was in the good mood all day long. Although Uncle Lorenzo was persistent and even though her father would sometimes back him, she still hindered his plan to get close to Julia.

Unfortunately, Marcus somehow backed Uncle Lorenzo, hence she threw him out. And now, it was only her and Julia inside this chamber. Julia was combing Minerva's hair as she would sneak a glance at her through the reflection of the mirror.


"Yes, Your Highness?" She asked with a smile on her face.

Minerva stared at her. Of all her four maids, Julia was the one who she could feel the sincerity of the most.

She knew that Cassie only saw her as someone she needed to take care of. As her father paid for her services, she also did her best to do her job well.

Despite this, Minerva did not harbor any dislike or disappointment towards Cassie. After all, she was truly

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