Minerva had a lot to say about Julia in regards to her Uncle Lorenzo. Words did not come between them, but she defended her uncle. However, was she in a position to say that? With the way that this went, it seemed that Julia had made up her mind.

Still, she could only say that it was only for now. After all, with Uncle Lorenzo's ways, it was impossible for him to give up.

She sighed and just remained silent. A few seconds later, a knock was heard and the door swung open. It was her father who looked a bit tired.

As soon as their eyes met in the reflection in the mirror, he smiled gently at her and went in her direction. And Julia, who was done braiding her hair, nimbly retreated to the side to bow and quietly left the room.

"Hello, my cheeky little girl." Her father greeted her and kissed her hair.

Minerva beamed at her father and hugged him. "Hello, daddy

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