One Hundred One

"If we take you in, wouldn't it be troublesome for us since you had that slave belt on your neck?"

The woman stiffened and unconsciously grasped her neck. That made Minerva's brows furrow. Slave belt?

"Slavery was extremely prohibited in the Halen Empire. I wonder what Adira could say about this." Her mother interjected, which made the woman wince.


Minerva hid her smile when she saw her father going in the direction of the woman and holding the slave belt around her neck. The woman shivered and closed her eyes.

"Tsk." Her father once again clicked his tongue and stood up. The slave belt on her neck was now broken into pieces by her father.

Her mother, who watched this with Minerva, smiled and reached her hand.

"Let's go? Those from the restaurant might notice that the slave belt on your neck was broken, so we had to leave. " Her mother

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