One Hundred Twenty-One

Minerva hummed happily. Both of her hands were held by Santi and Kristina as they walked to the beach.

Apparently, it was a private property of Carlos. When he found out that Minerva wanted to swim, he volunteered to rent his property instead. At least they knew where they were. No unauthorized person could approach them. It'd be a perfect bonding place for their family of three.

Truthfully, Lorenzo, Khalil, Vernon, and Rosemary should've been with them. However, Vernon wanted to go back to the palace as he did not want to miss any of his classes anymore. Thus, Adira fetched him back. Khalil, on the other hand, had a lot of things to do and couldn't be gone for a long time. He was too unhappy that he had to leave that Kristina had to promise him that she'd visit him in the Toen Empire.

Meanwhile, Lorenzo took Rosemary with him as he was curious about her ability

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