One Hundred Twenty-Four


Minerva saw Rosemary jolted in fright. It seemed that she was too shocked that the laddle she was holding dropped on the floor.

Rosemary paled and immediately knelt down while trembling. Minerva was at a loss as to why she was suddenly being frightened like this. Was she scary? Was a five-year-old little girl too scary for her?

She helplessly glanced at Marcus, who was beside her, and who just shook his head as if he didn't know what to do.


"Y-your H-highness… F-forgive me... I-I… I w-won't do it again... "

Minerva was speechless. She hesitated if she should step forward or not. But if she did, wouldn't Rosemary's fear increase?

As she was helpless in this situation, since this was the first time she'd handled it, Marcus immediately spoke.

"Why don't you stand up first? The floor was a bit c

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