One Hundred Thirty

"Why didn't you go and spend your time with your mother?" Sora asked as he leaned comfortably on the couch. He was now on his own as he leisurely ate the fruit inside the bedroom.

Minerva remained silent and just blinked her eyes as she stared at the ceiling. Although it was a bit late now and she had been awake for a while, she still continued to lie on the bed and refused to get up.

Apparently, Minerva had a lot of thoughts running through her mind. She was so distracted that she didn't notice that Sora was now in his human form and was just staring at her perplexedly.

She was thinking about how to save her mother from her circumstances. But how? How could she help if she didn't know anything?

"Hey, did you hear me?"


Minerva jolted in shock and woke up from a trance when Sora blocked her view of her ceiling and stared at her with his brow ar

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