One Hundred Fifty-Two

"Didn't you just said earlier that the North Dormitory only had the nine of us?" Minerva asked in a strange tone.

"Yep." Zinnia nodded.

"Then how come this was too huge?" Minerva asked while pointing at the building in front of them.

"Uh, I don't know...?"

Minerva just shook her head. She wasn't kidding. The building was too huge to only be occupied by the nine of them.

When they were walking earlier, Zinnia had pointed at Minerva on where the other dormitories were located. There was where the scholars resided, the main dormitory, and the north dormitory. While the North Dormitory wasn't as huge as the Main Dormitory, it was still comparable to Southeast Dormitory where the academy's scholars resided. And compared to the North and Southeast, the Southeast Dormitory housed hundreds of students.

"Did the other nobilities talk about this?" She asked. 

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