One Hundred Sixty-One

"Ah, I'm tired." Minerva muttered as she plopped her body to the bed.

Minerva and Zinnia had both returned from the West as what Claire had instructed them. Although it was a bit sad that they couldn't continue looking around, they didn't have a choice but to obliged.

"It was those two noobs' fault. If it weren't for them, Zinnia and I could've enjoy ourselves more. We could've went to the downtown instead." She murmured, "Our mood already sunken due to what happened on the restaurant and yet those two fools further destroyed their plans! How I wish they didn't die sooner."

"You could always sneak out you know." Sora said as he went out of the pendant of her necklace. He sat down on the couch and folded his legs.

"Did you see anything different from the assassins earlier when they attacked you?"

"Different?" Minerva thought for a while. She tried to recall when the assassins had atta

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