The party started at the moment that Santi and Minerva appeared. The guests immediately took this chance to solidify some connections that they might attain at this party as this was a rare moment for them to see those on the top echelon. Moreover, even the elusive Lorenzo was present and brought his son Marcus.

As some of the guests had this thought, Minerva laid quietly his head on his father's shoulders. Her eyes remained at her father's hair as she played with it as she could feel the gaze of some of the guests which made her goosebumped. Her father was silent all the time and let her do anything that she liked.

However, the silence was broken when her Uncle Lorenzo went in their direction with Marcus in tow.

"Little Minnie's been like that ever since the two of you appeared. What's wrong?" Minerva heard her Uncle Lorenzo asked. She didn't see his face as her back faced him.

"She's too nervous and

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