Trix blinked dumbly at the person sitting on a gold throne with sapphires decorating its menacing figure. On the throne was a woman that Trix wished never existed in the real world or the one that she was in. The woman's slender figure was wrapped in a silk blue that made her look far more younger than she actually was. Her face was lightly powdered to give her a natural look.

"Mrs. Weller," Trix said with venom on her tongue. In her mind she began to weave the reason why she was in her...lucid dream or wherever it was. She began to wonder if it was a coincidence that she was the one who suggested that she write this story. She even went a little further to think that Mrs. Weller was the one that sold Marcus the white powder.

Suddenly a sharp pain went through Trix's thigh and she fell to one knee.

"You will respect your Queen," a burly soldier growled, holding a spear.

"Don't touch her," Tristan said coming to the rescue. He was hit in the back. He g

Shantoya Brown

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