•30- Useful Wife

(Cami POV)

I was surprised when he pushed me onto the bed!!

"Now sleep. Tomorrow makes yourself useful as my wife." Dylan turned away from me and went out the door.

Is he a psycho? Forcing me to marry him and humiliating me like this? What did I do and I still fell for him after many years?

My face suddenly became hot because of the tears that started to fall.

I felt a mixture of joy and excitement now that I saw him again. But there is some nervousness because it seems like a lot has changed in him. I don't know him anymore. He's not the Dylan he used to be. He is ugly and cold.



Wooooh good morning!

It's a new morning to stretch my body, eat delicious food and wander around the city now that I'm married and rich I don't have to work.

I smiled.

I'll just email Nate my resignation letter!

After I washed and brushed my teeth, I got dressed and went downstairs.

It's a big house. Still very stylish! It's obvious from the design and uses.

"Goodmorning. This is w
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