(Cami POV)

I woke up because of the sound of my phone. Argh!

Thank you I rolled over and took my phone from the side table near the bed.

.. Dylan Calling...

What does one call it? I swiped my cellphone screen to answer the call.


"Where are you?" It opens immediately.

"RH. Why?" I growled.

"I'll go with you."

"Eh? All right."

What will he do here? It's up to him!

After giving my floor and room number here, I immediately turned off the call to take another nap.

Dylan and I have known each other for a long time but I never expected us to be like this. No label. Blurry!



"Hi," Dylan greeted upon entering the room.

He looks so happy, his face is relaxed and it looks like something good has happened to him.

For me it's okay that Dylan and I are like this, at least I'm with someone. I feel that he really has a big space in my heart, personality, and life.

"What are you carrying?" I pointed to the things he was carrying.

"Cola, cakes, and snacks." He answ
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