(Cami POV)

"The only nice thing about you is your face! Girls fooled by you because of your looks," I promised.

He seemed hurt and angry at what I said.

"You're looking good but your personality sucks. You're not a human at all." I added. I really felt sorry for the woman.

"You think so? I see," he said sadly and turned away.

I followed him to apologize, damn what I was saying. I just fell asleep, and if he was a bad person, he might have raped me.

"Dylan I'm sorry,"

"Here," he handed me a hot chocolate and sat facing me.

"Sorry for saying such things about you, I shouldn't have said that. I just feel sorry for the girl," I explained.

"It's Okay, you're not the only one who said that to me." He sadly said.

"Well, they just don't know you. I think you're good but they just misunderstand you as I did," I promised with a smile.

"I see." He doesn't seem to believe it.

"I really like a person like you, you're so cute and

"Die, idiot!" He said and stood up.

"Hey, why are you an
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