(Cami POV)

“Haaaaaaappy birthday Camii.” Layla, Izzy, Gabe, Theron, Rian, Haidei, Zara, and Aiden greeted me.

It's 10 pm, Stan, Clai, Sid, Zaneah, and Dylan are still not here!

Hayy. Dylan said to me, by 8 he seems to be here at the Rapture Hotel to celebrate my birthday.

I seem to hope again.

"Thank you so many guys, cheers." I raised my glass of wine.

"Happy birthday Cam. May your beauty and brilliance stay with you forever." Gabe greeted me with a box.

Earlier Stan was the first to send his gift, many gifts for me, Dylan has not given yet.

"Thank you, Gabe, so much .... Hmp can I open it?"

"Nope, open it when you're willing to be mine." He said holding my hand.

He is broken.

"Whatever." I was about to open the box but Gabe held my hand.

"I'm serious, open it when you decided to be mine."

I looked at his handsome face and he looked really serious.

"Tss fine, then I'll op

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