Birthday presents

Grandma black announced the beginning of the party. Emily ava's second uncle's daughter who was holding a small box suddenly stood up from her seat and said in a loud voice: attention everyone I would like to present my grandmother this jade buddha which costs half a million. Everyone started to flatter her that she was very filial. Emily continued by saying that: no no it not like that it is my duty as a granddaughter to present something like this which would be suitable according to her prestige and honor. not like some people who only come with their waste husband to eat free food. Ava was looking pale by hearing such words. Although Ava was already used to the ridicules of her cousin in the company she has never attended any types of family gatherings with Leo in these past two years of marriage. Leo who had never spoken till now opened his mouth and said: you mean you say that a grandma is a materialistic person she organized this party to get the gifts not to meet and see her children and grandchildren on this joyous occasion. 

It was Emily's turn to become pale because grandma's black face darkened after hearing such words. Ava was looking at the handsome Leo as This was the first time she had seen this man who rarely spoke. Ava had a sense of security for the first time from her husband in these two years of marriage. Grandma was a little bit annoyed due to the ruckus being made at her party so she intervened by saying: okay stop it all of you it's my birthday party so just enjoy all of you. Then everybody started to give their gifts and blessings to the old lady. It was finally ava family’s turn to give a gift to the old lady. 

Ava gave a jade bracelet which may cost 30000 at the market. This time ava’s second uncle insulted ava saying that cheap people could only afford cheap gifts. Ava was again paled hearing such words. he continued saying: that’s why I don't give you a big project to work on you may not able to handle it. Leo who was listening from the sideline was angered because even though ava and he didn't have much intimate relationship between them but she never looks down upon him but only encourage him to work any job as long as he can earn some money with his capabilities so he can stay with dignity. she never complained to him about he didn't support her and so on. Even though he was angry Leo said in a calm voice: wow you are an astrologer who can say or predict about anybody. Chris was angry after hearing such a word from the waste son-in-law because he had the most power in the family besides his mother. Chris said: when it's your turn to speak your waste. Leo calmly said: oh am I wrong you just said you didn't even give any opportunities to ava whereas you constantly gave Emily and your son Clar many opportunities even though they are not performing well. You are miss using your power to harm the company from my point of view. 

grandma who hadn't spoken till now said with an angry and serious expression: you are giving opportunities only to Clar and Emily even they are making losses. Chris was now finally afraid of Leo's words because he knew in his heart that he had been very biased towards his children. He gave them projects even they were not capable of doing or completing the project which had lead to too many losses. Chris said while stuttering: No, mom you are believing this waste’s words and doubting me. I always worked to increase our family's wealth. The old lady's face returned to normal. Then She glared at Leo and said: you waste stop spouting nonsense. Ava suddenly said: but grandma.... she was interrupted by the old lady: now you also dared to speak in front of your elders. Ava was feeling very wronged because of her grandmother’s attitude towards her. 

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