Chapter 2 Bettina Childhood days

  I am younger daughter of one of the biggest farm owner in the province. We are the huge supplier of fresh farm eggs in the province as well as in the city. Being always busy in the farm I left in the care of my brothers and sister. 

 I grew on a care of my older brother's and my sister Kyla, since Mom and Dad busy working in the farm. From primary to junior high school I’m always top off the class. I never miss any activities in school which my Mom and Dad so proud of me. I remember when I was on grade school there where times that my parents can't come on my recognition day. I’m upset and envy to other kids because their parents didn't miss any activities on the school. But my sister Kyla never misses a chance to explain everything to me, my parents hard work It's because for our own sake. My parents sacrifices makes me more eager to achieve my dreams and make them proud of me. 

  On the summer of 2001, Me and my siblings pay a visit on our Mom and dad since we live in the city. We surprised them and totally they are. At night my Mum cook a nice meal for us, her specialty which is Paella Tortilla Española and Gambia’s. She even grilled a turkey for us. We had a very nice dinner that night. A night full of happiness!. While doing a bone fire my brother Samuel pickup his guitar and do the string for us while me and Kyla singing my mum and dad favorite song. "Te Amo" That song make my Mum and Dad reminisce their younger days, the day they met and made the promised to be together until they get old. Seeing them being this happy made me wish someday I will find that kind of love too. 

The next day 

  My father has a big investor's meeting  and we had to make sure everything was okay. We had to make a nice and good impression to him. He is one of the Multi Millionaire in the City as well as in the country. Getting his approval our farm will get enough fund to supplies more farm products not just in the city as well as in the whole province. So this meeting is really important to us. Since our farm has already 50% bankrupt due to mild infestation on our poultry section. During their meeting me and my brother Samuel was milking the goat. I noticed a not so familiar face luring around the Turkey's area. My eyes rolled up when I saw him being attacked by the Turkey's. I shouted and one of our helpers came and help to distract the angry Turkey. Me and my brother Samuel ran and saw the boy had mild scratches on his legs. But the he didn't cry he is strong as a bull.

 "Are you okay?" asking him sincerely worryingly 

 "Yeah I’m okay, just got a little scratches but It's fine, No worries" he smiled like there is nothing happen

  Samuel help him to stand up and told him. "Are you sure you're okay? I can bring you on the clinic to clean your wounds and put some medicine on it?!?" 

  No it's okay, It's not a big deal!!" 

  "Justin!" a big and loud voice suddenly appeared it was Mr. Andreas our future investor.

 "Dad" he walk briskly toward Mr. Andreas seeing him a little bit nervous.

  What happen to you? Why is your clothes dirty???!!" confused

  Our dad is talking us in the eye and whispering what happen. As my brother was about to speak

"I just fell down Dad!, I didn't notice there where rocks. My fault! I slipped and got scratches but it's fine, not a big problem!" and he looked us and blink his eyes.

 My brother Samuel was surprised and just smiled at him.

 "Okay let's go!, I need to be in the city in an hour!" his father started to walk while he said to my father that he's going to send all the papers tomorrow. I was starring at them when all of the sudden the boy whom Mr. Andreas son is waving to me.

  "I’m Justin!!! nice to meet you!!" he smiled and blink his eyes. I got surprised and I didn't notice my cheeks was turning red. I felt akward why he do that? Asking in the back of my head.

  I turn back taking a deep breath. My father was shacking my hair and at smiled at me.

 "Your cheeks is red as an apple!" I felt shy and run. I never understood what is this I’m feeling I was just 13 but I felt a magic but somehow irritated. 

  "Shah!!!! Ah!. That boy!! I’m pissed because of him they're teasing me!!" I’m totally unaware that my sister Kyla was behind me listening to me "Bettina ?!, whose that boy your talking about??" asking curiously

  “Ah!?, no!.. nothing Kyla!, It's not important!” trying to cover my cheeks, she might noticed that I was lying Kyla has a best instinct in everything

  "Are you sure?? I heard you!?!" trying to convince me to tell what was it is

  "Yes! I’m sure!" Kyla just nod his head and asking me to come inside.

  "I cooked your favorite food, I know you like it!" she smile at me knowing this way my mood will change. She is a best sister ever!!. Kyla always make sure that I’m always happy and comfortable. She is one of the selfless person I ever know.

  "C'mon!! What are you waiting?! You don't like to eat?? I’m starving!" I hurriedly came and hold her hands and went inside.

  I sat down and she gave me Churros with hot chocolate sauce and Apple pie empanadas and my mood changed all the way. For this is all my favorite food. I really enjoy eating while talking to Kyla. She is always the best. 

  The next morning, I saw a familiar face and it made me feel irritated. "It's him again!" Argh! "What he is doing here again?!" talking myself while hiding in livery stable. "He can't see me! They will teased me again!!" "I need to leave now!"  I take a deep breath and about to make a step when I heard a familiar voice.   

 "Bettina!!" my eyes rolled "Oh no! What should I do" My head tells me to run, but apart of me saying I have to act modestly. So I take a deep breath again and face him I smiled politely.

 "Hi, nice to see you again" he smiled charmingly

 "Hello, nice to see you too" smiled strainedly

  "Oh I’m sorry about yesterday I didn't had a chance to introduce myself in a nice way!" I'm Justin" he held out his hand and me being polite I held my hand too. We both smile to each other. Suddenly we made a magic connection. A minute had passed but Justin was holding my hands.

  "Oh Excuse me! You can let go my hands!!" I felt shy but still composed. I have to hide this awkwardness. My mum always taught us to act modest and formal when infront of people.

  "As soon as he let my hands go! I put it right away in my back trying to cover my shyness.

  Since then Me and Justin started our path as a friend. Once in a while he visited me when I am in the farm. Even if I am in the city we became a best of friend. And that's where our story as a couple started. A summer of 2001!

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Katila Siboe
dear author, your translation is horrible. your plot is good but please get a good translator to review your book

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