Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Anna pushed open the door and entered the meeting Hall by making a loud sound and everyone's gaze fell on her. King and Peter glanced at each other, King's expression wasn't looking good, his face darkened, and the uneasiness at his face 

could easily be seen by anyone.

King glanced at Peter and Peter nodded then said to Anna 

" Miss Anna, why do you bother yourself to bring these, where is Robin, let him do his job " 

" Don't be too polite Mr. Peter, he was busy right now and I, I'm free all day, moving here and there, so I suggested Robin to let me serve you guys, be easy, it's not a big deal, let me serve you guys?" she said while smiling, and everyone smiled, staring at her from top to the bottom. 

The group of men sitting around the round table were all underworld criminals and hadn't any gentle intention towards any women, if not for the presence of King, all of them would have eaten her like a hungry wolf, however,
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