Chapter 26

King's mansion was now completely changed because King himself had changed, now, he wasn't that old ruthless, cold-hearted monster but a gentle emperor, he had become a soft hearted person who also cares about his people, his temper was now completely changed, and he had become easier to get along with, and all the credit went to Anna, who changed him that much that his guards were also shocked, it was very difficult for them to believe on what they used to see in the villa every day. The old-fashioned Mafia King had become a modern and shameless lover who would usually find kissing his lover passionately in front of anyone. His temper was so much changed that sometimes he didn't get angry even when his men did some mistakes.

All the guards, and Peter was happy to see such a change in him, and they were all thankful to Anna. Even Robin started liking Anna, as only because of her, he could see a gentle smile on his master's lips that he had never seen before. It was never been e
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