As she squeezes my hand, the doctor is getting her ready to push. After the birth; I watch Faye as she sleeps while holding our two sons; I smile gently at her as Martin starts fussing, trying to get him quiet so he doesn’t wake up his brother or his mother but I wasn’t so lucky. Michael begins stirring until he’s awake and crying; slightly freaking out since I didn’t know why they were crying.

“Why don’t you hand me one of them.”, Faye says, still half asleep.

Handing her Martin, he stops crying and leads to Michael looking at me confused and then glancing around the room to find his brother; once he found his brother, he started crying again so I handed him over as well. I hear Faye give me a soft laugh at my misfortune; giving her a playful glare and she just smiles back at me. Kissing her forehead and our sons befor

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