I Miss You

Shama sat inside the car. She looked at the busy road and crowded footpath of the city. She missed these things very much. Modern world is the most beautiful place. Just then Shama remembered her Kingdome. She felt that she missed them more. She wanted to go back there and be with all of them.


Shama whispered as she closed her eyes and Ansh’s smiling face came to her mind.

“You told me that when I will call you, you will come here to me…You said that wherever I am…You will find me and stay by my side forever…Then why you aren’t here. Ansh I miss you…”

Shama thought as she clenched her fist.

She reached the studio. She stepped out of the car as body guards protected her. In front of her stood a big building. She walked inside the beautiful building.

“You are here…Come on you have to get ready for the shoot. Hurry up.”

A guy told her as he hurriedly pushed her inside the makeup room. Just by looking at him Shama could und

Vedha Singh

So Sorry... I am uploading the novel after so many days. I had my exams and I was busy studying. I also had a song competition. So hope ya all will understand and forgivr me. (pouting with puppy eyes) Well I will be uploading chapters regularly now. Hope you all are enjoying the story....Even though it has gone boring...I GUess...LOL Ok...BYE BYE...Love Ya All....(Flying kisses)

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