The Royal Palace

Shama reached the royal palace. She hopped out of the carriage. All the maids and servants were working in the garden. She walked forward. Everyone stared at her for a second and then went back to work.

She was shocked. It was a little embarrassing.

"Ugh, these servants, can’t they see their princess is standing in front of them? They should show some respect to me. I returned after so much time. They should at least say oh my princess, are you alright? Where were you all this time? Instead, they didn't even pay me respect."

Shama said in anger. She calmed herself down.

"Maybe they didn't see me." "Ahem, Ahem."

She coughed loudly to grab their attention. Everyone stared at her and then again went back to work. Shama felt insulted. She angrily walked inside the palace. She went to her room.

"What do these servants think of themselves? How dare they treat me like I am no one? I am the princess of the most powerful clan of vampires. I hold a big power. But look at everyone, treating me like a piece of trash."

She murmured angrily. Just then the royal butler came inside the room.

"Your highness, there is a ball tonight. Though I have told them to turn down this invitation, I thought you may like to go to this ball as Prince Rehan is also attending this ball. So I informed you about this."

The butler said in a casual tone. Shama was now really angry she glared at him.

The butler got terrified by her glare.

"Who gave you the authority to make decisions on behalf of me? You have a death wish?"

Shama said with a deathly glare in her eyes.

"I...I...I am sorry your highness." The butler quickly bowed to her.

"But you never wanted to go to any social gathering. You never gave any attention to all the servants in this palace. You always chased after the prince. You broke all your ties with the royal people. So we had to do all the things on your behalf."

The butler said in a panic.

Shama commanded him to leave. She slapped her head.

"How can I forget that the original Shanaya was an irresponsible girl? She always slacked off from her duty as a princess. Ugh, why did I have to get into the body of a foolish girl?”

Shama said angrily looking at herself.

“But somehow I feel a little bit pity for her."

Shama said as her eyes sparkled with strong energy.

She called the butler inside her room.

"Tell all the staffs in this palace to gather in the hall. I have to talk with everyone. Tell everyone that if anyone is missing from the hall, they will be fired. And tell the maids to prepare a bath for me."

She commanded the butler. The butler was surprised to see Shama's attitude. He quietly left the room. Shama took a good bath. All the maids helped her put on her gown. When they were about to put on makeup, Shama denied them.

"I look pretty good without makeup too, so no need for that."

Shama said gently smiling at them.

All the maids were shocked to hear it. Shanaya always put on heavy makeup on her face to look more beautiful. The maids left the room.

Shama looked at herself in the mirror and said

"Shanaya looked so pretty. Any boy will fall for her. Why did she chase after that punk Rehan only? As a male lead, he was quite good. But for Shanaya he is the worst choice. He never understood her. Shanaya always got hatred from everyone. How hard she tried but he never even glanced a look at her. The royal servants also looked down at her as she never stood up for them like a princess. But don't worry; now I am here. I Shama will give you a life you have never imagined. I will bring all wrong things to the right path."

Shama said with determination in her eyes.

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