Strange Feelings

"Shama, Shama."

A voice called out to her. Shama opened her eyes and saw Ansh looking at her with anxious eyes.

"You woke up. Are you all right? What happened?"

Ansh shouted.

"I...I am fine." Shama said sitting up.

Just then Ansh hugged her tightly.

"You...You scared me. You also can't leave me."

Ansh said hugging her. His eyes filled with water. Shama looked at him. She was shocked to see Ansh like this. She hugged him back and patted him.

"Nothing happened to me. I am alright."

She said comforting him.


It was already night. They both lit a bonfire and sat around it. Shama told him everything that happened.

"So that's what happened?"

Ansh asked her.


Shama said. Ansh was embarrassed he hid his face in his arms. He blushed as he remembered how Sh

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