Combination of Two Powers

"Ahhh, It hurts so much. This pain is killing me. Someone save me. Please."

Shama shouted trembling with pain. It's like thousands of knives are cutting her body into pieces and stabbing her countless times. She trembled with pain. Her mouth couldn't open. She wasn't able to scream. Her mouth trembled as she endured the pain. It was getting more and more.

"No...I...I can't take this anymore."

Shama was giving up now. She couldn't endure the pain any longer. Shama was running out of energy. Just then she felt water on her hands. Shama heard Naina crying. She tried hard to grab her hands. Just then a warm hand held her and kissed her. She felt so comfortable. She heard Ansh's voice. She wanted to speak. But, her body started paralyzing again.

"No...No. I don't want to go that hell again. Ansh...Naina...Someone save me. I don't want to die."

Shama tried hard to open her eyes. Suddenly she opened her eyes. She looked around. Everything was dark. She co

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