The Truth

Everyone read the letter. The letter showed a conversation between the palace guards and the emperor.

"I am so sad for my brother. But I have to kill him today. Is everything prepared?

Yes, your highness. Everyone will think that they are traitors and you can kill him in public with all the rights.

Ok, good job. I will pay you heavily. Let's talk about all the other things the next day."

The letter ended. Many photos in which the emperor harassed girls and killed people for fun were attached to it. The evidence proved that Shanaya's parents were innocent. Everyone was shocked to see this.

"Oh my god, so the real traitor of our clan is the emperor." "Poor Shama her parents were framed and killed by the emperor." "I always wronged them. The emperor is the real traitor."

The whole crowd murmured as they read the letter. Shama smirked looking at the emperor. The emperor was in a shock. Shama bent down and took the letter.

"Oh my god, Uncl

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