“I am Chandrika, Crown Princess of Werewolf clan. Nice to meet you.”

Chandrika said bowing down to Raghav. She turned to Shama and smiled.

“We meet again Queen Shanaya. Our first meeting wasn’t that good. But I am sure in the future I will leave such an impression on you that you will never forget.”

Chandrika said as she smiled at Shama and took out her hands towards her. Shama stared at her for a while. Her smile seemed like she was hiding something behind it.

“Is it good? Should I accept the proposal of peace? She won’t betray me right?”

Shama’s head started spinning with all these questions. She hesitantly looked at her and was gonna shake hands with her when Chandrika pulled back her hands.

“It’s ok, Queen Shanaya. I can understand that you must be having doubts related my proposal for peace. So I will wait until the day when you start trusting me. That day, I will shake my hands with you resembling true peace and friendship.”

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