Shama’s eyes became bloody red in colour without any emotions inside them. Her fangs grew out. Her neck started hurting but Shama endured the pain. It was like nothing was happening to her. Because the pain of losing everyone she loved was more than that. There was nothing left in her which will now feel the pain.

A beautiful rose with a sword standing in the middle appeared on her neck. It was bloody red in colour a shining light emitted through it. A lotus mark appeared on her forehead in the middle of her eyebrows. A blazing red fire came out of Shama’s hands.

Everyone was shocked to see this. Shama’s power was fully awaken inside her. The seal was also broken. The mark on her neck resembled the supreme power of destruction and creation. She didn’t need any necklace now to get her power. Her power was now inside her.

Her look was so scary. Everyone shivered with fear. Her power wasn’t something to be taken lightly. She could destroy each one of them in a c

Vedha Singh

Did you like this chapter? I enjoyed writing this one...I love her power.

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