Chapter Sixty-Four: Jeremy escapes and found by the Moon Goddess

Jeremy wakes up in a cold cell early the next morning, trying to gather his bearings. One can't even see one's own hands in the cells; they are pitch black.

With his magic, Jeremy shines light into the dark hallway. Invoking an incantation, Jeremy opens the cell doors. He did not realize there was a witch when he made himself invisible the last time. Now, he will become invisible and hide his aura.

Creating a clone of himself, he locks his clone up and keeps it in bed. It has the same traits as him and everything. The only difference is that it is not him. As Jeremy felt proud of his work, he snuck around the castle, trying to find out where he was and how to get home.

He passed guards and walked up some stairs into a large hallway. In a small room with no one in it, he heads out the window. This way, he is less obvious than at the front door. It would be noticeable if gigantic doors opened on their own, rather than a room off the main walkway. The dogs are bark

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