Chapter Thirteen. – Alexi, you cannot go.

"Alexi, there is no evidence to prove or deny what we think we may have discovered. There is no evidence to support what we think we may have discovered. The result is inconclusive.". While I was in your house, Vlad entered your room to learn more about you. Vladimir told his friend about mating with a she-wolf, who gave him a lot of valuable information. There can be no proof that she belongs to this pack or that he is telling the truth. My cloaking enabled me to remain invisible to them. Even though it is very basic information, I returned late last night to let Alpha know what I had learned. I'm going back again today."  

Alexi replied, "I would like to go, because it's my life that's at stake.".

Alora shook her head, saying, "We cannot bring you. We can't focus on the job if we worry about protecting you. If we brought you, we would all be at risk."

 In dismay, Alexi huffed, as she was losing control of her life. Turning around, Alexi says,

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