Chapter 21 – Researching my Royal Family

We look them up online and I notice my family is billionaires in the human world. I look in shock, my family is loaded. Nicolas stated he knew my brothers and my older brother were a Pompous aristocratic jerk. I looked at the family pictures and all looked like me down to the Sapphire eyes. I printed a photograph of my family in their house. I did not realize it was by their indoor pool. I drag Nicolas carrying my mirror to our room. I have Nicolas put the exceptionally large mirror down in front of us. I grab his hand and spray my potion, wiping it on the mirror, then I chant my spell, all the time focusing on that room and my family. The mirror becomes like liquid. I can see that room. I then drag Nicolas through the mirror with me. We land in a pool, causing a tidal wave of sorts. The tall man who I am guessing is my older brother was there making out with a she-wolf. He turns to glare at me in shock, as I shriek my brother is a male whore." My brother regains his composure while

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