**** First life after their death XI ****

**** First life after their death XI ****

In the event that you invest your energy trusting somebody will endure the fallouts for how they dealt with your heart, then, at that point you're permitting them to hurt you a second time to you since vengeance... resembles a drifter, which, when a man hath constrained up a slope, will return upon him with a more prominent viciousness, and break those bones whose ligaments gave it movement.

  • Leticia.


Estefan looked at his wife, who is now lying unconscious on their bed. He put his ear on her heart to listen if her heart was still beating. He put his index finger below Leticia's nose; there is still circulation of air. Therefore, she is still alive.

"Sonya, llama al médico. Su señorita

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