chapter 21 sweet kisses

They arrived at the venue ten minutes before the game.

Jarrington High is more like their school.

Maybe all high schools are the same, Arianne thought.

When they get out of the car, they felt eyes upon them. No wonder they’re wearing the jersey of the top 3 football players of the school. Arianne was forced to wear the jersey because Alexis and Kristinn wont stop bragging how she will seems to be out of place. Both of her friends are already wearing one from their boys.

Finally they reach the gymnasium and Kyle is already in the front door waiting patiently.

“hey guys! I’m glad you made it here tonight!” Kyle said while grabbing Alexis hand and gave her a peck on the lips.

“hello Kyle! Goodluck for the game!” Arianne said and smile at him which he return with a nod and a grin.

Kyle after some small talk called a guy and ask him to show the three gir

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