A Guard To School

Early morning, Emma wore her regular jeans and a dark blue shirt, after her morning routine. She looked at herself in the mirror.

She recalled how she was bullied by Amanda, last year. She remembered what Amanda told her.

'Who is going to marry you? You are neither beautiful nor sexy. You don't have a good sense of dressing.'

She remembered what she told Amanda in reply to that.

'I was like that before high school but it got me nowhere. At least unlike you, I will someday become a successful person. Someday you will realise that being a bully, did nothing good for you.'

Tears kept falling from her eyes.

'Amanda was right. No one can love someone like me. Stephen doesn't love me. All this was an act.' she thought.

She turned to her right and saw a photograph of herself with her family. It had a plain black

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