Arriving back at the lodge, Ashina Helu noticed something was different from the start. Two men in plain clothes were standing outside the lodge. They may seem unarmed but Ashina Helu was still on alert since he still knew nothing about this Tibetan delegation. Entering the lodge would be like entering a tiger cave, Ashina Helu had to stay alert as he needed to plan a rescue route in case the meeting did not turn out well. 

Ah Wei and Ah Tui were beside him while he helped the women down from the carriage to the ground. It was obvious that Jiang Xi Yu was curious about who was inside the lodge while Li Xi Shi seemed wary. Seeing Jiang Xi Yu examining the two new men outside the lodge with eagerness made Ashina Helu feel she was adorable. 

Ashina Helu turned around and faced the lodge’s front door with a lifted chin. The two men were also examini

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