A sense of wantonness permeated the study room. The so-called study room was just an escape room for Han Hong Yuan. The only room where he was free to do anything he wanted, including the mind-blowing services of Pan Xi Yin.

Han Hong Yuan was leaning back on his chair behind his desk. He looked down to see the beautiful sight of the girl he adored, enjoying his manhood. Han Hong Yuan gasped and quickly restrained his moan as he watched his rock-hard member disappear into Pan Xi Yin’s mouth. 

Feeling his hard dick probing deep into her throat, giving him a wonderful tight warm sensation, was pure heaven for him. His hands gripped the armchair as Pan Xi Yin let out a throaty moan, her fingers caressed his balls with a feathery touch. He has to fight the urge to explode in her mouth every time she does that to him. 

He can never have enough of her. Since the day he brought her back to the residence, almost every day he spent his night with her. Even

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