Chapter 48

Tina POV

I groaned lighty as I woke entire body was aching..I blinked my eyes rapidly and spotted two brutes standing next to me with a gun In there hands

They both wore black clothing with dark shades

Where am I? ...and what am I doing here?

"Sleeping beauty is finally awake" one said snarled glaring at me

"Hey what am I doing here!?" I made to get up when I realized that i was tied to a chair

What the heck? ...I bite my lower lips as memories of what happened earlier rushed back in

From nanny being mudered and the cabby making me pass out 

"I asked a question idoits !"

"Keep shut bîtch!" one yelled

"And if I don't will you make me?" I retorted

"Bitvh" one muttered walking to my direction...he lifted his hand about to slap when the quickly intervened catching his hand in mid air

"Easy there tiger...the boss wants to deal with her personally..and don't you forget he ordered us not to lay a finger on her yet" he said tilting his hand

The other glared at me before yanking his hand away.... He stood at a far corner staring at me with muderous Intents

"If I were you I'll mind my manners missy... Stephan is really hot tempered "

"Yeah yeah what ever.."I grumbled rolling my eyes

"Now tell who's the boss you speak of ?"i asked

He chuckled softly giving me a cranky look

"Don't worry'll find out soon enough"

I scoffed loudly swaging my head...the room was a bit damped wasn't that bright even though a lamp was lit

I pray Liam finds me soon...I wanna get out of here asap

My stomach started grumbling...

"Hey tough guys...aren't you gonna feed me ?"I pouted

"Feed you!?" the one who wanted to slap me scoff

"Seriously...I ain't getting any food.."I scoffed again

"Is this how to kidnap someone?" I asked again getting angry

"Would you shut up!?" 

"Make me" I teased

"Why you little _"he gritted ...the door flew open revealing hah


Oh my gosh!..this is not gonna be pretty!

"Boss" they both bowed there heads in respect

He spared them a glance before taking slow strides to my direction...he puffed out the smoke of his cigar staring maliciously at me

"Hello Tina" he walked around in circles around my chair

"How are you doing today ?"he asked...I remained mute not until he pulled my hair painfully

I winced out loud earning a smile..."when I ask you a question you reply immediately got that ?"

He let go of my hair ..I whimpered feeling the pain of my hurting skull

"You know something Tina...I never like you" 

"Guess the feeling is mutual"I answered

"Your mouth is still very sharp...don't worry sweetie "he smiled wickedly

He leaned closer to me staring at my face

"Once am through with won't have any teeth left "

With that he stood up right walking towards the exit..he grabbed the door knob

"Rough her up"

What!?...this is not good!

He exited while the Stephen approached me smiling..."time to have some fun"

I struggled helplessly trying to break free from the chair

"Don't you dare touch me !"I cried as the brute grabbed hold of my chin

"Let me.."a slap cut my statement short..I felt my lip spill out blood

The other watched slightly as his companion kept punching me

"What's the matter bitvh run out of stem ?"he asked smiling

"Go fûck yourself" I muttered...his face grew red in anger as he un did his trouser

"Don't worry once am through with ya... you won't be able to walk"

Oh no he can be serious...he can't be

I can't get raped can't happen

He grabbed my t shirt about to rip it open when the other spoke

"If you rape her the boss is gonna have your head "he stated standing crossed arm

He pasued for a while staring at me

"You got lucky this time .. but next time you won't "he whispered walking out the door

My left eye was hurting like hell...I winced out loud with tears streaming down my cheeks

"I'll go get you some food"..the other said walking out

Oh God... please help me

"Thank you"I muttered to the guy who's name was Nathan

He smiled a little packing the plates...I wonder why he's so nice to me?...after all he is a bad guy right?

The other idoit opened the door and informed me and Nathan that Oliver and James want us in the other room In about 1 hour


I guess I dozed off cause I was awoked up by water

I gasped loudly to see Penny being tied to a chair like me but she wasn't hurt expect for the little bloodstain on her lips


"Tina"Oliver stared at the both of us before shrugging his shoulder

"Great now that you're all awake... let's have some fun"

Fun?..what kind of fun?...I thought..I kept staring at Penny and couldn't help feel sorry for her...having a beast as a father

"W...w.what kind of fun?"Penny stammered

"You'll see's just a question for you'll pick what to do..."Oliver said

"O...o... okay"she answered

"Green eyes choose an option please...would you watch Tina get killed or have a night stand with James?"


"You heard me right Penny... please choose an option"Oliver pressed on..

"You guys are sick...what sort of darn game is this!?"I barked

"Keep shut !"Oliver brought out a gun aiming it at me

I stared at him with hatred In the eye

"Times are wasting Penny"

"I'll do it... please don't hurt Tina... please"

"Penny"I called lowly

"That's a good decision green eyes"Oliver said with his Index finger on the trigger

James chuckled lighty...he un did the knot of the rope tied on Penny's hands

I kept staring at Penny as she walked away with James

"Too bad Penny...I'll still kill Tina for interfering"


"No don't you dare touch her!"I heard Penny cried as James took her away

Oliver called on Stephen and Nathan

"Yes sir"they both said in usion

"Do what you wanna do with her... okay?"he tilted his head before walking away

Stephen smilied non stop as Oliver walked away

Before he could touched me Nathan did the un expected

He grabbed his gun hitting him with it...he gave stephen a kick In the mid section making him pass out

"What the heck!?"he undid the knot of the rope tied around my hands

"Let's go"he grabbed hold of my arm pulling me as he ran

"Nathan what's happening?"I asked as we walked hastily down the hallway

"No time to explain"he rushed his words...we kept running for a while 

We took a left turn as we heard someone groan and slumped on the floor...I peeped to see a guard lying unconscious on the floor and hah

Liam and Max!

"Liam"I jumped on his body hugging him so tightly

"Liam"I clutched on like I would never let go

"Tina..."he locked lips with me kissing me hungrily..

"Penny"I yelled disengaging from the kiss

"Tina where is Penny?"Max asked 

"I...I... don't know ....s ..she left the room...w..with James"Max eyes dilated in shock as he grabbed a gun from the floor running to only God knows where

"Liam we need to save Penny...s_"

"Hush"he placed his index finger on my mouth

"Will rescue her but for now... Nathan take Tina to the can outside now!"

"No Liam....I won't leave_"he shut me up with a kiss

"Tina you're already hurt....I need you to be safe ... please"he pleaded

I kissed him one more time before leaving with Nathan

I just hope Penny is okay


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