Chapter 12


She hugged me tightly and deepened the kiss

I couldn't move any part of my body...I felt paralyzed and shocked

She disengaged slowly and looked at the sand shyly 

"Beat it b!tch"I heard Tina say rudely at the girl

The lady glared at all of us and walked away

"So what are you guys up too?"she asked

"Excuse me"Penny replied and walked away shaking her a$$

Penny kissed mistress kissed me!

I sat down..I ran my hand through my hair

It's really unbelievable

Her lips tasted so much like strawberries


Why didn't I kiss her back?..was she trying to make the girl feel jealous or something?

"What you thinking about?"Tina asked and sat near me

"Nothing"I mumbled

"You sure?"

Why is Tina smiling...I fixed my gaze at her and found her smiling like she won a lottery

"Why are you smiling?"I asked

"Nothing... just happy"she replied and skipped

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