Chapter 20

Liam POV

" "she pointed her index finger at me with shocking eyes

"Gud morning here to see Mrs Christian"I replied ignoring the look on her face

I know she's surprised to see me here but I ain't here for her

"Liam"I heard Mrs Christian or my aunt called rushing to hug me

She pushed the lady away for the door gently 

She pulled me into warm hug

"Oh's so good to see you"she said still hugging me

"Gud morning auntie"I greeted smiling

She opened the door wide for me to enter

She led me Into the living room

The girl I saved yesterday closed the door ...she sat on the sofa giving a suspicious look

"So how's your mum?"my aunt asked

"Well she's fine...she sent her regards"I replied

"So how's Cassy"I asked

"Oh she's fine"Cassy is my auntie's daughter

The lady cleared her throat looking at my aunt

"Where are my manner?... Liam meet Tina second daughter"said replied with a smile on her face

"And Tina meet nephew"

"We've already met"I said sharply

"Oh is that so?"

"Yeah nanny"Tina answered

"Okay then..I'll be right back"she got up from the couch and went upstairs

I fixed my gaze on the lady who kept staring at me

She had a frown on her beautiful face

"You know you're ungrateful right?"I asked getting up from my seat

"Ungrateful!"she yelled and stood up

I walked slowly to her seat..she took slow strides backwards

She kept going backwards until hey back hit the wall

A grin spread across my face as I stood am inch away from her

I leaned closer to her..she so cute

"Who are you?"she whispered

"Am the guy that saved your a$$ from getting drilled last night"

I got hold of her face staring into her dark eyes

She slapped my hands away...I smiled boardly stepping away from her

My Aunt climbed down the stairs ..she looked at me and then Tina

"I just came to check up on you auntie...I'll be going now"i pecked her cheeks 

"So soon?"she asked

"Yes auntie but I'll be back"

I walked to Tina and whispered

"See you soon suger lips"

She deepened the frown her face looking at me with disgust

I chuckled lighty and opened the door 

I stole a glance at her before walking away

Tina POV

The nerve of that guy! dare he?

But I have to admit he's hot and I love his attitude

"Tina is anything the matter?"Nanny asked placing her hand on my shoulder

"Am fine nanny"I replied quickly

"You sure?"

"Yeah"I climbed up the stairs and went to my bedroom

I was a about going back to bed when I noticed a stain on my butt

Oh gawd!

It's my menstrual flow and am out of sanitary pads

Better go get some before the rain starts

I had a nice hot shower cause of the cold weather

I wore a jacket with a white signlet

I did my hair into a short bob with side bangs

"I'll be back really quick nanny...needs to go get something"I said and walked away before she could reply

I walked to the mini mart and brought the pads really quick

I came out only to see that's it's raining

Oh no!

"Hey,sugar lips"that voice

I turned around only to see Liam!

"C'mon"I bite my inner cheeks and decided to follow him

He got into his car and I did the same

"Looks like I save you again"

"Just drive me to my house"I muttered

"No can do sugar lips... we're going to my house"


"Your house?... but why?"

"Cause my house is nearer"

"So can we go now sugar lips?"

His house?


"Okay let's go"

"Okay sugar lips"

 Max POV

Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn

I can't believe am a CEO of a textile company


I can't thank Penny enough

But I think there's gonna be a problem

The employees...the female employees to be precise

Throughout the briefing Cassy..yeah that her name 

Penny's PA she's been giving me the green signal

I pray she's not a problem.. Penny is very possessive

And to be honest...I like it

"Sorry for keeping you waiting"she apologized

"No need to apologise"i replied smiling

She got into the driver seat

I sat next to her..she ignited the car engine

An hour later we arrived home

Lucky we arrived home before the rain started

I wore my trouser and a singlet headed to the kitchen

It's time to make lunch

I was about turning on the gas cooker when Penny opened the kitchen door

She wore a tight bumshort that barely covered her a$$

Her b00bs looked like they'll burst out of the crop top she wore

I felt my d!ck standing erect

I smacked my lips with lûst ..she walked seductively and stood near me

"Hey Max"

"H...h...hi"I managed to say

"What you doing?"

" about to cook"

"Can I join I can learn how to cook"

"O...o...of course"

"So what are we cooking today?"she pressed her b00bs against my shoulder

"What about spaghetti cabarona?"


I placed the pot filed with salted water on the gas cooker with Penny watching me carefully

"I'll get the spaghetti"Penny offered

It was on the shelf above me

"I'll_"she pressed her b00bs on my chest

I felt my d!ck struggling to break free from my trousers

What is she up too..her dressing is way too seductive 

Am pretty sure she's doing this on purpose

Is she trying to seduce me ?

Oh heavens save your son

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