- Leonardo da Vinci


The girls were ready to go out and enjoy their night.

Mia was wearing a black sequin bodycon dress. Her smoky black eye makeup and nude lipstick going well with the dress. Her bracelet made up of black shiny heart shaped beads looking beautiful on her tattooed hand.

Katherine sported a gold coloured dress with plunging neckline which made her slightly tanned skin glow in the night.

She had makeup done of the same colour as her dress. Her blonde hair perfectly going along with her dress and golden leaf pendant she was wearing.

Scarlett was looking beautiful in her wine coloured off the shoulder bodycon dress. She had her hair slightly curled and let down. Her shiny black waves flowing smoothly against her olive skin. She had minimal makeup done. Just Kohl and lipbalm.

Katherine and Mia were excited for the party. Mia was all set to get wasted and just enjoy without any care.

Katherine was anxious and excited both to meet Carson and talk to him albeit she gets tongue-tied whenever she's near him.

Scarlett was feeling the opposite. She wasn't at all excited for the party. It's not like she didn't like parties or didn't go to them. She was an out going person and loved to go out, meet new people, gain new experiences. But she wasn't willing to go to this party. It was Sean's party. She never went to any of his parties before. It was just like an unwritten rule that you don't go to the parties of the  person who have feelings for you. It was like that for her .But still here she was , all dolled up to go.

They reached the venue aka Sean's house

Sean was loaded. His house , no, a mansion was lit up with disco lights and music was blasting through it. The bungalow was situated in a neighborhood surrounded by large trees and greenery. The night almost looked beautiful with stars and trees and lights but the music coming from the house ruined it all the serenity.

The door was wide open. Three of them stepped inside. Talia wasn't able to come as she had some family dinner tonight.

Mia was off to drinking in a second . She grabbed one of the glasses filled with a dark red liquid from the table situated on the left side of the room.

Katherine dragged Scarlett with in the search to find her prince charming that is Carson. They found him in the kitchen talking with Sean and two other boys of their university.

Sean was the first one to notice them.

" Hey, I'm glad you guys could make it. Especially Scarlett".

He hugged them one by one.

Next was Carson who winked at Katherine and smiled at Scarlett.

Carson knew of Katherine's attraction towards him.

" Yeah, everything looks amazing here Sean." Katherine replied .

"Thanks Katherine." Sean said. He averted his attention to Scarlett who was looking silently at everything.

Carson caught Katherine's gaze on his lips and winked at her again to which she blushed slightly.

Sean guided Scarlett out to give her a tour of the house and give some privacy to his friend and the blonde haired beauty.

" So..." Sean uttered. He was nervous, it was clear from his expression. He didn't know how to start a conversation with the girl who invaded his dreams every night.

" Umm... Thanks " Scarlett said confusedly. It just came out of her mouth.

Sean looked at her with a dumbfound expression .

"Huh" He asked.

" Thanks. You know ..... Thanks for inviting me." Scarlett finally said.

" Oh . It's no problem."

" Though I might say this is the first party of mine you have come to . What changed?"

Sean was curious. He was ready for being disappointed today too by her but was quite surprised when she showed up. He knew she went to others' parties but never his until tonight.

" Nothing. I guess. A change always seems better." She answered vaguely.

" Well I won't question it as long as it's in my favour". Sean grinned widely.

" Oh , really ? Well, that's fine by me."

Scarlett replied smiling.

They walked upstairs and stopped in front of two big white doors.

Sean's name was engraved on the top.

" This is my room." Sean opened the door for her to step inside. He entered after her and closed the door behind.

Sean's room was a spacious one with dark blue coloured walls and gold coloured corners and edges. A bean bag was kept on the right side of the large window beautifully covered by  heavy lace dark brown curtains. He had a king sized in the centre of the room covered in royal blue sheets. The room was lighted in a dim shade of golden light hanging from the ceiling.He even had a small bookshelf on left side of the room beside a door which supposedly led to his bathroom. He had a painting of his hung above the headboard of the bed.

"Come, sit here." Sean patted the space beside him on the bed.

" No, it's fine. I have no problem in standing. " Scarlett was uncomfortable. She really didn't plan on being with him in his room when she agreed to go to the party .

" But I have problem in you standing. Come, I don't bite." Sean chuckled .

Hesitantly, she sat on the edge of the bed.

Sean scooted closer.

" Scarlett" Sean called.

" Yes" She answered.

Sean was looking intently at her. He was loosing himself in her beautiful dark orbs.Scarlett didn't know what to do.

She was thinking of how to dash out the door in the next minute .

" You are so beautiful Scar. Your eyes never fail to hypnotize me. Your sweet voice still rings in my ears.your smile makes my day Scar. I see myself with you everyday . I waited two years for you Scar.  Will you give me a chance ?" Sean asked.

"Sean , listen , I ... I think I should go. I .." Sean cut her off .

" No. I' m not letting you go now. You have to answer me. What have I not got.Looks, money, brains, everything.

You will live as a queen with me Scar." Sean tried to explain.

" Exactly. I don't want to live as a queen . You deserve a queen and I'm not that." She persuaded .

" But you are everything I want. " He replied back.

" Listen, Sean, you are a great guy but .."

Scarlett didn't know how to make him understand. He seemed hell-bent on making her his. He was drunk too.

Sean grabbed her arm and pulled her closer. He put his other arm around her waist to secure her in place. He smelled her hair , inhaled her addicting fragrance. It smelled like skies and clouds and heaven and roses .

" Sean, leave me. This is inappropriate. You have no right to touch me like this." Scarlett replied in a voice filled with controlled anger.

Scarlett was a pretty cool person. But she wasn't a cool tempered person. She would easily get annoyed at things .

Here happened the same. She was already annoyed coming to this party and now what Sean did was the last straw of her anger.

Sean wasn't planning on leaving her. He tightened his hold on her.

She couldn't take it anymore. She never like anyone touching her anyway. She hated it.And  Sean was doing a lot of it.

She gritted her teeth. She tried to control herself but failed.

Scarlett ,with all her might was able to push Sean away but his head hit the headboard. Under normal circumstances, she would have worried about him but now there was no time.

She made a run for the door and luckily the door was unlocked.

She reached downstairs and tried to find Mia and Katherine. They were no where to be seen. She looked everywhere, the hall , kitchen , balcony , backyard , even washroom but they weren't here.

She asked around and got to know they already left. Scarlett couldn't believe this. How could they leave her alone.

She went out thinking of walking back home. The weather was nice, perfect according to her state.

It was windy , cloudy and peaceful.

She couldn't help but inhale a deep  breath of air. She felt calm.


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